Your Travel Guide to Mackinac Island

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life?  Well, Mackinac Island, located in Michigan, is truly a beautiful way to escape the common day-to-day stress.  Due to its secluded location, unique modes of transportation, mouth watering restaurants, and cute boutiques, it makes visitors feel like they are a part of something truly magical.  


Image provided by: Megan Goheen

Image provided by: Megan Goheen


Location// Mackinac Island, an island covering 3.8 square miles, is found in Lake Huron at the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac.  Before European exploration started, it was home to an Ottawa Indian tribe whose main enemy were the Iroquois of New York.  Therefore, once in the dead of winter, while the Ottawa were having a great jubilee, the Iroquois came upon the Ottawa and fought them.  The result was detrimental to the Ottawa.  Only two people survived from the Ottawa tribe by hiding in one of the many natural caves on the island (which are still toured to this day).  As it is stated in tradition, every Ottawa and Chippewa believe that these two people were lovers that escaped the island by waiting until the lake froze. By using their smart intellect, they placed their snow shoes on backwards, so if any person happened to come upon their tracks, they would think that they were going towards that island instead of away from it. Now, every Ottawa and Chippewa still believe that the lovers, to this day, are roaming in the wildest part of the land, but as supernatural beings.  Maybe, you will feel their presence when you visit the island!


Image provided by: Megan Goheen

Image provided by: Megan Goheen


Did you say horse!?// due to Mackinac Island’s small size, the modes of transportation are quite different from normal everyday traveling.  In fact, to even get to the island, one must travel by ferry or boat.  These boat rides definitely heighten the excitement one feels when traveling to the island!  When on the island, there are usually four choices of transportation and they include walking, bike riding, horseback riding, or carriage rides.  These choices are easily accessible once one walks into town from the docking area.  In town, a person can choose to rent a bike or even a horse!  Either way, they are both great ways to explore and learn more about the historic island!


Restaurants// whether you are looking for something sweet or savory, Mackinac Island has the restaurant for you!




Martha’s Sweet Shop// whether you are waiting for the ferry or just stopping in, Martha’s Sweet Shop has all of the baked goodies you could dream of.


Joann’s Fudge// Mackinac Island is known for their fudge.  Therefore, one of the best places to try it is at Joann’s Fudge.  With 25 fantastic flavors, you are destined to find one that you love!


*Fun fact: Over 10,000 lbs of fudge leave the island everyday because it is the most popular and delicious souvenir!





The Chuckwagon// this cute little restaurant has been going strong ever since the beginning of the 1950s.  With its old-time diner atmosphere and great burgers, there is no question why!


The Grand Hotel// with its gorgeous views, beautiful architecture, and great food, it does nothing, but impress its visitors.

Image provided by: Megan Goheen

Image provided by: Megan Goheen


Shopping// Mackinac Island is filled with unique galleries and gift stores just waiting to be explored.



Artistic Mackinac Gallery & Studio// this gallery features breathtaking photography of the island in all seasons.


Oil Paintings by Marlee// this gallery is a fun-filled experience.  Not only are the paintings beautiful, but the walls of the gallery are so colorful.  They add to the bright, vibrant atmosphere.



Little Luxuries Artist’s Market// this adorable shop is filled with handmade home accessories, vintage inspired items, and jewelry.  The store works with more than 200 local artists and designers to bring its customers gifts that they will truly not find anywhere else.

Therefore, although Mackinac Island is a small place, it is filled with enticing food and activities. Hope you visit soon!