Five Ideas To Spruce Up Your Dorm Room for the Fall Semester

There’s no denying that college dorm rooms can be drab.  Without taking the time to decorate and personalize your space, you risk having a dull room like everyone else.  Lucky for you, we have five fresh ideas to make your dorm anything but ordinary this fall.

Image provided by:  Connie Browne

Image provided by: Connie Browne

Pick a color palette// these sort of color coordinated tasks often get overlooked, however, they are not to be forgotten.  It makes a huge difference to a room if most of the main colors work with each other.  Some favorite color combos to try: white and gold, pink and navy, seafoam and coral or the ever patriotic, red, white and blue.

Create a gallery wall// hanging up photos on the wall doesn’t just have to be done with loose pictures and sticky tack!  Gather up some of your favorite quotes, paintings, photos, sketches, or even poems and slide them into pretty frames.  You can still meet dorm regulations and hang them on your wall by using strong tape that won’t take off the paint!

Choose a scent// if you find that you and your roommate can collectively agree on a scent you both love, then surround your room with it!  Air freshening has come a long way over the years. Candles may not be allowed in dorms, but reed diffusers, room sprays, and scent beads are. Cultivating your signature scent helps make your space more calming and memorable.

Add some texture// when you put a plush throw blanket on your futon, it may make more of a statement than you think.  Your dorm doesn’t have carpeting?  Search for a nice rug to offer up some personality!  Pillows, fake fur over desk chairs, and the ever-popular tapestries on walls perfectly accent a plain old dorm!

Invest in a plant// never underestimate the power of flowers.  If you need a pop of color in your room, go find some flora.  The possibilities are endless!  You could get a cactus, some succulents, a few wildflowers, or even fake flowers if you wanted!  Options vary so everyone can enjoy the benefits of plants in their room, no green thumb necessary.

Now that you know these super easy ways to spice up your room, getting ready for back-to-school season will be a blast.  If you take time to decorate your room in a way that reflects your own savvy style, you can’t go wrong!