DIY Makeup Brush Bag

If you’re anything like me, you have loads of sparkly makeup and related paraphernalia spilling out of every nook and cranny.  Despite how pretty/mildly gross that sounds, keeping track of all the tools necessary for putting your face on can become quite the hassle, not to mention those times you need to pack up all your gear and take your makeup kit somewhere else.  However, with my help you can create an adorable, machine washable, roll-up pouch to keep all your brushes in; and trust me, it’s really easy.


mage provided by: Maddie Parise

mage provided by: Maddie Parise


What you’ll need:

Image provided by: Maddie Parise

Image provided by: Maddie Parise


  • 2 pieces of 9x13 inch fabric

  • 1 piece of 1.5x28 inch fabric

  • 14 inches of 3/8th inch braided elastic

  • Thread

  • 1 yard of ribbon

  • Sewing machine or the ability to hand sew


This DIY can very easily be altered to fit your size needs, just keep the fabric proportions the same.



The Steps:


  1. fold your 28 inch piece of fabric in half the short way so the wrong side is facing out.  Pin and sew along the open edge.


  1. remove the pins and flip inside out so the nice side is showing.  Check out this video if you’re struggling with flipping:



  1. thread elastic through the fabric tube and sew on both ends to keep elastic in place.  Using a pencil helps to get elastic through.



  1. take your inside piece of fabric and sew on the elastic piece.  Sew on at ends first and then stagger to create slots for your brushes.



  1. Place the fabric with the elastic side up beneath the right side of your outer fabric.  



  1. Sew along the outside of the fabrics, but leave an inch or two of gap just below the elastic on the side where you want your ribbon tie so you can turn it all inside out.  Make sure the corners are sewn more rounded and not into an exact point. Also cut off sharp corners so the end product won’t be bunchy.



  1. Flip the fabric inside out.



  1. Insert the ends of two separate ribbons into the gap in the fabric and then tuck in the edges so they are clean.



  1. Sew the gap shut and then continue sewing along the border for a finished look.

And that’s all, folks! Fold and sew the raw edge of the ribbon if you’d like.  Enjoy your personalized brush caddy!