The Best Apps for Staying Organized

Sometimes life has simply given us too much to do.  You know that feeling, right?  Don’t you ever feel overwhelmed, like there’s no possible way you can complete the day’s tasks?  Well, you’re not the only one.  This is why we have decided to show you three apps that will help you organize your life!


Evernote is the perfect app for taking any type of notes. Whether you need to just jot down a quick reminder or store receipts and business cards, Evernote is the app for you.


When taking a note, there are several features.  First, obviously, you can simply write text.  This can be notes for class, a meeting, or just anything you need to remember.  It allows you to have bullet points, different fonts, etc.  You can also add photos, which is very useful if you need to quickly take a shot of other notes or even a whiteboard.  Next, there is a drawing feature.  There are three different types of ‘writing utensils’ and one eraser.  When you press the icon, a separate page pops up and you construct your sketch, then press ‘done’, and voila!  You have an inserted drawing that you can move around as you please.  Another useful feature is the audio; you can create a recording of your voice inside a note, or you can create a sound byte that is saved as a file separately.  The last feature that need be mentioned is the reminders list.  Inside the app, there is a feature where you can set the app to remind you of something at a certain time.  Overall, this app is beyond helpful for keeping any sort of note organized!


BigOven is a favorite app over here at Undeniable. We absolutely adore baking; however it’s always so hard to find good recipes and get the motivation up to actually make the food.  Well, worry no more, BigOven to the rescue!  There are more than 350,000 recipes, and more added everyday. You can filter your search to what kinds of food you’re looking for, and automatically receive thousands of recipes, with the ingredients and directions provided for you.  You can also favorite and save recipes so you don't lose them later.  Here’s the best part: there is a grocery list inside the app!  If you're looking at a recipe and realize you don’t have an ingredient, easily add it to your list within seconds.  Then at the end of your browsing, you can take a trip to the store with everything you need already written out.


Another impressive feature is the calendar. The user is able to select certain dates and save recipes for that time, and have the app alert you when the date is near.  This app is truly a lifesaver!



LastPass is a very simple yet useful app. It stores your passwords for all your accounts, websites, and anything else you need and organizes them.  There is a password and fingerprint ID (optional) to get into the app, so you only need to memorize one password instead of hundreds!