One Line a Day Journaling

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

What even is one line a day journal?

It's all in the name!  A one line a day journal is a no-pressure system of writing a diary because you only write one to three lines per day.  It covers a span of five years, so as you write in your journal you can reminisce on years past.

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How can I get started?

Purchase a blank journal with at least 183 pages, if you want to write on the front and back of the pages, or 365 pages if you would prefer to only write on one side.  It doesn't have to be a full size sheet of paper, because after all you will only be writing a little bit each day.


How do I make it?

Flip to the first page of the journal and write today's date at the top, but just the month and numerical date.  Then, under that, write the current year.  Attach a ribbon to the spine of your journal to use as a bookmark.


How should I journal?

Write down what happened to you on that day next to the year.  Maybe you got lunch with your mom, won a soccer game, or made a new friend.  Don't hesitate to write down the little things, because you'll come to find they've always been the big things.  Some days, what you write may be hard or sad, and that's inevitable and completely okay.


What happens after a year?

Flip back to the front and start over in the same way, just write under the previous year! Read what happened to you one year ago, and transport yourself back to that day.  Maybe you were going through a difficult time last year and you can be proud of overcoming it, or maybe you had a happy day and you'll smile about the memory.

Keep your journal and a pen where you'll see it right before you go to sleep, and make it a goal to write in it every day.  Also, remember to bring it with you when you travel!

When summer comes to a close all too quickly and you try to remember what exactly you did, you can flip back through the pages and relive your summer memories.