Summer 2016 Bathing Suit Trends

High Neck Halter Tops// this bikini top has been a huge hit this summer!  The high neck halter top is very comfortable which makes it perfect for jet skiing, rope swinging, and surfing.  Unfortunately this bikini top is not the best for tan lines because of the cut, but the style is adorable and flattering!  To spice the top up try to find this bathing suit in a cute pattern.

mage provided by: Meg Schwieterman

mage provided by: Meg Schwieterman

Crochet Trim Bikinis// the crochet bathing suit has slowly become more and more popular!  The texture change between the crochet and spandex creates an interesting combination, it looks high end and elegant!  The crochet comes in all different colors.  When the crochet is in all different colors, it looks very fun and Santa Monica inspired.

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms// unfortunately, insecurities come out when wearing bikinis, however, with these bottoms covering most of the stomach, it makes any woman feel confident.  For a fashionable look, get the high waisted bottoms with mesh or a cutout on the sides.

Strappy Back Bikini Tops// although this bathing suit may not be perfect for tanning, it is absolutely adorable.  This bikini top is sewn together in the back, so there is no need to worry about a clip coming undone!  This bathing suit is also so cute for gorgeous Instagram pictures; just look forward at the beach and snap a pic from behind showing off the complex design of the back!