The Benefits of Doing Nothing

Image provided by: Carrie Carlisle

Image provided by: Carrie Carlisle

Especially when you’re the typical type-A, perfectionist girl, it’s hard to tell yourself not to do anything.  It makes you feel like you’re wasting precious moments of time that you could be using to be productive.  However, we aren’t robots;  we can’t keep working ourselves 24/7 and expect anything good to happen as a result.  That’s why it’s important to realize when you need to sit back and do...well, nothing.

If you feel yourself becoming extremely worn down or stressed, it’s definitely a chance for you to take a bit of time for yourself.  Do something you love that calms you down.  Netflix seems to be a seasoned favorite of many, and books are just as effective.  Some girls find themselves relaxing when they exercise and do other fitness-related activities.  Write in a journal, talk with a friend, or just lay in your bed and take a nap.  Whatever it takes to make you relax is worth the extra time.  

Not only is doing nothing a good way to preserve your mental and physical health, but it also allows you to put things into perspective.  Suddenly that argument you had a few hours ago won’t seem so catastrophic, and that major paper won’t seem as daunting.  It’ll give you the opportunity to think of solutions to any of the conflicts you’re facing, whether they deal with human relationships or just plain life.  Everything seems better when you have the chance to take a step back and review your actions.

It’s clear that doing nothing isn’t as bad as everyone has made it out to be.  In fact, doing nothing can be a wonderful way to let your body and mind rest, as well as prepare for whatever punches life will throw at you.  

Here’s to doing nothing!