How to Stay on Track with Summer Work

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

When summer arrives, most students check out.  It is so easy to forget about and push off any summer commitments.  Just because school is out doesn't mean all of the work stops.  Here are three ways to stay on track with your summer reading and projects.

Make a Calendar// write out everything you need to get done and when all of your due dates are. Having everything written out on paper can help make yourself accountable for the work that you will need to put in.  By having it laid out on a calendar, it makes pacing the work much easier.

Prioritize Your Time// no one wants to be struggling the night before a due date to finish a project.  Prioritize your time, so that there is a good balance between work and fun.   It is important to understand that sometimes you might have to make a compromise to be able to stay on track.

Treat Yourself// after an hour of working on summer homework, enjoy a bowl ice cream or paint your nails.  Having an incentive can be a huge motivator for when you are feeling lazy during the summertime.


By following these simple ideas, staying on track with summer reading and projects will be a piece of cake.