Fun Summer Activities That Double as a Workout (But Don’t Feel Like It)

Nobody wants to spend the summer months inside the gym, missing all that sweet, sweet sunshine.  You’d much rather be at the beach soaking up the rays with a fruity cocktail in your hand than attending your next spin class, but, as you know, the beach requires a beach bod.  Don’t worry though.  You aren’t limited to go the gym to get your heart rate moving and those calories burning.  Here are six great ways to get a fun, outdoor daily workout.

Image provided by:   Carolyn Johnson

Image provided by:  Carolyn Johnson

Burn up the beach volleyball court// why not take your beach experience the next level? Instead of simply bathing in the sun, challenge your friends to a little game of volleyball.  It’s not only a killer workout for your lower body, but you’ll also have loads of fun diving in the sand for saves.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve played, brush up on the rules of the game, so you’re sure to dominate the court.

Spin up the sidewalk// summer is the best time to take your stationary bike outdoors, or take your road bike, hybrid, or cruiser out to explore.  Bike down the boardwalk or to work, or hit the nature trails.  Your calves, quads, and glutes will thank you later, and you’ll take in some amazing landscapes.  Don’t forget to purchase some padded bike shorts for the ride, especially if you’re a beginner.

Learn how to rollerblade under the Sun// there’s something about rollerblading in the sunshine that screams summer and carefree.  It may look like all fun and games (and it is), but you’ll also put your lower body through an epic workout, plus improve your balance.  If you’re a beginner and a little nervous about throwing on those blades, be sure to brush up on your safety tips.

Become skateboarder-chic// you’ve always wanted to learn how to do an ollie, so here is your chance.  The hot summer sun will keep the pavement dry and ready for you, so channel your inner early-2000s Avril and pick up a skateboard.  Learning will be fun and hilarious and also help you work up a sweat.  Not feeling so adventurous? Strap on some rollerblades and go skating that way!

Catch some waves// cooling off after soaking up the sun can also have its own calorie burning benefit.  If swimming really isn’t your style, consider learning how to surf.  It’s a full body activity — you’ll clock a killer workout by catching some waves and earn bragging rights for actually knowing how to surf.  How cool is that?  

Take up paddle boarding// maybe surfing is a bit too much for you.  That’s ok, you can also try stand up paddle boarding, which isn’t as intense as surfing.  It will work your upper body and core, so if your glutes are hurting from that rollerblading session yesterday, you can give them a rest and still burn some calories.

There you have it; you’ve got a workout for six days of the week — and you’re outside having a good time.  Don’t you wish summer would stay here forever?