Hair vs. Humidity: The Best Ways to Fight Summer Frizz

Photo provided by Toyosi Oyelola

Photo provided by Toyosi Oyelola


As the weather warms up, we often find our hair not wanting to cooperate and getting frizzy in the humid air.  While there are different ways to fix this based on different hairstyles, there are some foolproof options that work for most anyone.

Serums// serums are a great way to combat frizzy hair right from the start.  By applying a serum to wet hair and blow drying, a serum coats the surface of your hair to protect it from being affected by humidity and makes it appear healthier.  While it may not make it stay exactly the same as you style it, there will be a noticeable difference in how humidity affects your hair.  There are great options for any price range as they can be found anywhere from the drugstore to high-end salons.

Scarves/bandanas// scarves and bandanas have become a big trend this summer and adding one as a headband can mask frizzy hair. Those little baby hairs can be the hardest to control but a trendy headband can do the trick to keep them out of your face while adding a fun element to your outfit.

Braids// if you don’t want to use any extra products on your hair or see that your hair has already become frizzy outside, braiding your hair is always a great option.  There are so many different options like the fishtail, French, and Dutch that can make frizzy hair far less noticeable.

Hats// a hat is by far the easiest fix for uncontrollable frizzy hair.  Hiding your hair under a hat and throwing it into a bun or a cute braid will make frizzy hair unnoticeable while looking cute at the same time.  There are so many great options for hats and they can be incorporated into every person’s style whether it be athletic, hipster, or preppy.

Top knot// while top knots aren’t as popular as they were last year, they are a simple option to prevent hair from being affected by the summer humidity.  Whether it’s a donut style bun or a messy bun, a top knot will make frizzy hair less noticeable.  If some frizzy hair is still problematic, adding a scarf or bandana should do the trick!

Combatting frizzy hair can be a difficult battle, but taking the right steps to prevent it and having backup hairstyles and accessories to make it less noticeable are the best tips to controlling your hair in the summer humidity… and it doesn’t have to be perfect because everyone is going through the same thing, so if your hair is the slightest bit frizzy it’s no big deal!