How to Make the Most of Summer While Preparing for a New School Year

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Photo provided by Anna Tselevich

Picture this:  you’re a full-time student who works really hard during the school year and you are finally on summer vacation.  The last thing you should be doing is preparing for school, right?  Wrong.  Unfortunately, the “summer brain drain” is a very real syndrome that takes effect over students during the summer, causing them to lose a vast amount of knowledge acquired from the previous school year.  Not only does this mean that students will have to waste time learning that knowledge once again, but also they will be somewhat unprepared for the school year ahead.  Never fear; there are some foolproof activities that you can try over the summer that will counteract the “brain drain” (and you might even find yourself enjoying them)!

Read Books (both on and off the reading list)// nothing stimulates the brain more than a good read.  Whether you pick up the latest young adult fiction novel or a 19th century American literary classic, reading strengthens your vocabulary and writing skills tenfold.

Plan Your Class Schedule// in order to get prepared for the upcoming school year, it is a good idea to at least get acquainted with the classes you’ll be taking during the year.  Look at the class syllabus, learn about what other students thought of the class, and (especially if you’re taking AP or other honors courses) do a little research about what the class will really focus on.

Take an Online Class// what better way to amp up your learning than by continuing to take classes over the summer?  Online classes are a great way to learn about things that really interest you as an individual, and they usually offer a much more laid back environment than that of a classroom.

Use Learning Technology// there are hundreds of ways you can do a bit of learning by just playing an app on your phone or watching a YouTube video.  Research apps like Duolingo (a language-learning app) and check out video channels like John Green’s hilarious (yet informative) Crash Course series.

Don’t go back to school without really preparing for a new year;  your future self will thank you for all of the work you did during the summer!