Celebrating the Centennial: The National Parks Service Turns 100

It all started when John Muir, famed naturalist and conservationist, lobbied for, and successfully created, Yosemite National Park in 1890.  Muir, wanting more protection for Yosemite, brought Teddy Roosevelt on a tour in 1903.  During his trip, Roosevelt immediately fell in love with the land and helped create what we know today as the National Parks Service (NPS), in 1906, to further conserve the many natural wonders of America’s great wilderness.  Now, 100 years later, we are celebrating the centennial anniversary of the NPS, and here are a few ways you can get involved.

Image provided by: Hunter Thiers

Image provided by: Hunter Thiers


Go to a National Park//  according to an NPS representative, “National Parks are probably closer than many people think” and NPS has a way for you to find the nearest location to help celebrate the centennial.  By going to findyourpark.com you can easily type in your zip code to find the nearest National Parks.  You can even view a map of parks around the U.S., search for experiences, and select options such as “family friendly” to narrow down your search.  Furthermore, the NPS is waiving all National Parks fees from August 25th-28th in order to make the parks accessible to everyone.   


Image provided by: Hunter Thiers

Image provided by: Hunter Thiers

Buy some gear// many companies are jumping on board to help support the NPS in their 100th year of operation.  REI specifically has some great product options including their National Parks themed Camelbaks and super cute iron-on patches.  The best part: REI is donating 10% of the proceeds from their centennial themed items directly back to NPS.  The North Face also has a wide array of National Parks themed gear.  



Be an advocate for nature// if you aren’t near a National Park or are unable to visit, the best way to support the parks is to be advocate for nature.  Perhaps you could...


  • Get a group of friends together for a clean-up party and pick up litter in your neighborhood.  It’s a great way to bond and also help give back to the Earth.

  • Buy a plant!  They make great gifts and can spruce up any home, dorm, or apartment.

  • Have a bake sale or yard sale and give some of the proceeds to NPS.  Even if you take out %10, you are helping in a huge way.


Make sure to share your National Parks adventure with us by tagging @theundeniablelife and @nationalparksservice!  We can’t wait to see how you celebrate the centennial!



**For more information on the National Parks and the Centennial Celebration visit www.nps.gov**