Theresa May: Fast Facts

In the wake of the EU referendum, or “Brexit,” the UK’s former Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigned from his position, leaving his seat open for Theresa May, who took office when her opposition unexpectedly dropped out of the race, to become Britain’s new PM.  For those of us who don’t live in the UK, or those who just need to jog their memory, here’s a quick overview of who Theresa May is:



Age: 59


Family: Spouse, Philip May.  No children.


Education: St. Hugh’s College, Oxford


Former Occupation: Home Affairs Secretary (since 2010)


Political Affiliation: Conservative Party


Strengths: Experience, judgement, reliability


Brexit Position: Remain, but will now support country’s Leave decision.  “Brexit means Brexit, and we are going to make a success of it.”


Is she a feminist?: Yes


Notes on her first cabinet: Mix of “Remainers” and “Brexiteers,” 7 women, and Boris Johnson as foreign secretary


Compare to: Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel


Fun Fact: Has lead a scandal-free career; the press instead focus on her varied and sometimes outrageous shoe collection, including gold wellies and thigh-high boots



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