Comfy Summer Shoes

Summer is a time of exploration and adventures, of wandering through flowers and biking through towns, of trekking through blueberry patches and running through summer showers.  There’s only one problem:  if you’re going to do all of those things (and more), you’ll need a proper pair of shoes.  These must be not only comfortable but stylish, a solid balance between extremely casual and formal.  Here at Undeniable, we’ve taken away the stress and rounded up four shoe options that fit the above description to a T (and there’s a shoe for every style, too).

Image provided  by: Carrie Carlisle

Image provided  by: Carrie Carlisle


Sneakers// a trusty pair of sneakers, whether Converse or J Crew brand, can take a girl anywhere.  For days strolling around town to nights spent huddling around bonfires, sneakers are the perfect shoe for every occasion.


Birkenstocks// if you want to embrace one of the biggest trends of the summer, try out a pair of Birkenstocks (or one of the many lookalikes available).  Not only are these shoes extremely comfortable, but they are also durable, making them an ideal option for summer exploring.



Athletic Shoes// no shoe gets more comfortable and practical than the standard athletic tennis shoe.  Whether you stick with Nikes or Asics or any other brand, tennis shoes will always be the ideal casual summer shoe.



Gladiator Sandals// the least casual options of all, gladiator sandals and lace-ups have been the favorite trendy shoes of the summer months.  If you want a pair of shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, go for some gladiators.



What shoe fits you and your style the best?  Be sure to let us know!  As always, happy adventuring!