4 Awesome Multiplayer Games for Your Phone

We’ve all been there—you and your friends are sitting around and someone asks the dreaded question: “What do you guys want to do?” and all you can do is shrug your shoulders.  Well, not anymore!  Here are four apps that are super fun to play with other people.

Psych!// Ellen Degeneres (the creator of Heads Up!) has another game!  If you and your friends all have this app, you are challenged to trick each other by making up an imaginary word to go with a real definition, making an imaginary plot to go with a movie title, or completing astounding facts with made up answers.  You get points for every friend you trick into picking your fake answer, and you get two points for guessing the real answer.  It gets pretty wild, and you’ll be shocked by how clever your friends can be!

The Seven Second Challenge// created by Mind Candy in partnership with Dan and Phil, the Seven Second Challenge gives prompts to complete in, you guessed it, seven seconds.  You can decide if the person completing the challenge has nailed it or failed it!  It sounds simple, but the antics are incredible and you get a little video of them after.  I’ve recorded my friend successfully explaining what body part she’d enlarge by 500%, my sister failing to name five things in her bedroom, and my dad running to touch all the walls in the living room in seven seconds. Although it does cost money, it is super hilarious and a lot of fun.

Spaceteam// Spaceteam is a game made by Henry Smith that requires you and up to three friends with the app to work as a team!  This is probably my favorite multiplayer game.  You will each have a control panel and each receive a stream of commands that may affect any of your teammates’ control panels.  You may sound a little ridiculous telling your friends to “Activate Tau-Nexus,” but you’ll be too busy setting your Infrared A-spectrum to level 2 to mind.  It can get a little bit hectic, but it’s honestly more fun as it gets more chaotic.

Pokemon Go// this is the equivalent to a social movement at this point, but Pokemon Go by Niantic is great.  The community around this game is what makes it amazing.  You catch Pokemon in your real community.  True story, my friend and I set up some lure modules at our local park, which are devices to bring Pokemon to you, and we attracted more people than Pokemon!  There were literally thirty of us all playing Pokemon in the park together.  You should get this game because it’s quite satisfying and fun, and it’s also super relevant and hilarious to watch.

So there you have it, four incredible apps to beat summer boredom!  Chilling with your pals will never be stressful or boring ever again.

Anna TselevichComment