Dress Code Approved First Day of School Looks

Each year we see high schools across the country implementing more and more strict dress codes and every time we think “how can I possibly look cute while following this dress code?!”  All it takes is putting together the right pieces from your existing wardrobe and you can have a cute, yet *school-deemed* appropriate, look.  Here are a few formulas to put together the perfect outfit for the first day of school, but make sure to add your own personal touches so you can still showcase your personal style!

Overall Dress + Long Sleeve Striped Tee + Lace Up Flats// overalls are a fun trend and a dress version is typically longer than overall shorts making it more school appropriate. Adding a fun patterned shirt like a long sleeved striped tee covers up your shoulders and keeps you warm in school (it seems like classrooms are always -10 degrees)!

Gingham Button Up + Cuffed White Jeans + Sandals// for a more classic look, a gingham button up meets school dress code.  Pairing it with a pair of crisp, white jeans and sandals gives it a more summery feel, while maintaining an appropriate look.

Graphic Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Sneakers// tuck a loose graphic tee into a pair of boyfriend jeans to define your waistline without wearing a form fitting outfit.  Graphic tees are coming back into style and paired with a fun pair of loose fitting boyfriend jeans, create the perfect ensemble for school.

White Tee + Suede Skirt + Jean Jacket + White Sneakers// suede has been super trendy this past year and will most likely be continued into the fall.  A fun suede button up skirt paired with a classic white tee is the perfect transitional outfit, as most schools start in that awkward time in between summer and fall.  Add a fun denim jacket to make the look more casual and sport a fun pair of white sneakers.  White sneakers have been super trendy and you are sure to find a pair no matter your personal style.

It’s definitely tricky and frustrating sometimes when school dress codes restrict us from wearing clothes that reflect our personal style, but it can be easy to create a trendy, yet appropriate, look.  All of these looks can be recreated in different price ranges and styles to!