A Visit to Draper James

Over the course of her quarter-of-a-century career, Reese Witherspoon has played a major role (literally) in films like Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama that have become part of American culture; But in the last year, Reese has taken a step away from the big screen and tested out a new venture: clothing and lifestyle.  Her brand, Draper James, was launched in May of 2015 and named after her grandparents.  Featuring everything from southern seersucker dresses to perfect picture stationery and home goods, the single brick-and-mortar store in Nashville is handcrafted by Reese herself and exudes the southern class she stands for.

It begins the minute you drive up to the store, located in Nashville’s up-and-coming 12 South neighborhood.  The sky blue and white stripes and stunning French doors set the tone for the whole store.  Upon walking in you are greeted with open arms and offered a glass of sweet tea.  Bright colored dresses, pillows and home goods with classic southern sayings on them, and books about life in the south fill the huge space.  For anyone who follows Reese, this store encompasses her as a person from the corner sitting area to the bathrooms.

A major part of Draper James is the southern sayings that dot any and everything. Stationery that says “Bless Your Heart,” a sign outside the store that says “Pretty As a Picture,”... it’s everywhere, which is exactly what Reese is going for.  A store that represents everything her grandparents and the south have taught her.

While many would (correctly) say the store runs highly on the expensive side, it’s for a reason.  Everything is carefully crafted and made here in the United States, so when you buy a piece from Draper James, you know it is the best quality and was made by hardworking Americans.  From a pencil pack filled with southern-isms to the most elaborate dress, thought and time went into every piece.

Overall, Draper James is any traditional southern girl’s dream, but there’s something for everyone.  The picturesque little store located in Reese’s hometown of Nashville has everything from accessories to dresses to home goods to add a bit of the south to anything you do.  Take a trip down to 12 South the next time you find yourself in Nashville and see what Draper James has to offer.