The Undeniable Survival Guide for Incoming Freshman

Congratulations to those who graduated middle school but, now your journey begins.  Your high school experience is something that you want to cherish forever.  The thought of entering a new school may be frightening, but, I can guarantee you that it will be the best four years of your life. Here are eight tips that will help you make the most out of your freshman year and make the rest of your high school years sail smoothly.

Image provided by: Anna Tselevich

Image provided by: Anna Tselevich


Have confidence// throw on your best outfit and walk into your new school with your head held high.  Having the right confidence and attitude on your first day of high school will make your day stress free.


Do your work// in high school the workload will double and become twice as hard; however, that's no excuse for you to not do any of it.  Don't let that discourage you though, because the grades you get in your ninth grade year are very important.  If you let your grades slip this year, have fun working harder the next three years trying to compensate for your freshman year.



Don't be afraid to ask for help// we all need help from time to time and you shouldn't feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for it.  If you didn't understand what you learned in class or you need more clarification on a topic, just raise your hand and ask.  It's always better to get the help you need rather than not knowing it at all.  If you're still not sure about anything ask your teacher after class if they have the time to give you extra help after school or maybe during your lunch period.  If not, find a classmate that's knowledgeable in that subject and ask if they can tutor you. Remember, the worst they can say to you is "no" and that's okay!  Just find another alternative!  



Get to know your teachers and faculty// I cannot stress enough the importance of introducing yourself to the teachers and faculty members in your school.  Developing a friendly relationship with your own teachers is great, but reaching out to teachers you may not have in your first year is even better!  That way, by the time you do get him or her as a teacher, they already have an idea of who you are.



Join clubs// high school is the perfect time for you to try new things and find out what catches your interest.  Joining clubs and participating in school activities allows you to become more comfortable with your new school and active in your school's community.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to broaden your horizon and do something fun.  You want to try to make your first year as fun as possible.  



Develop new friendships// don't wait for someone to approach you, go to them first!  I'm almost positive that there's someone that is just as nervous as you are and is waiting for someone to introduce themselves to them.  Don't be afraid to make friends with kids from the upper class. They can give you pointers on teachers you might have in the upcoming years.



Don't act like someone you're not// high school isn't like anything you see on television shows. Cliques do not exist and popularity does not matter.  You don't have to pretend to be someone that you're not to fit in.  You don't have to buy the most expensive and latest clothing to impress people because no one cares.  Just be yourself and you're guaranteed to find someone who likes you for being yourself.


Have fun// you don't want to go through your freshman year stressing and worrying the whole time.  The first week at a new school might be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don't know anyone prior to coming to that school.  Once you're accustomed to the new changes, your first year will be a breeze.  Enjoy it while you can because those four years in high school will go by faster than you think.