The Ultimate Guide to Summer Beauty Products

Summer is the time when you need to prioritize your skin most.  Keep it protected and satisfied with these necessities all summer long!

SPF lip balm// your lips are the most sensitive area of skin on your body, and they need extra care during the summer months.  It’s easy to forget to moisturize and protect your lips, so make it a point to consistently apply SPF lip balm a few times a day.

SPF tinted moisturizer// of course, sunscreen on your face is necessary to prevent premature aging and sunburns, but applying it is often avoided.  A great way to make sure you are protecting your face is by using an SPF tinted moisturizer.  That way you’re incorporating sunscreen into your daily routine without even realizing it.

Waterproof mascara// no matter if you’ll be in the pool or at the beach this summer, waterproof mascara stays on all day.  In the warmer months, all you need is some waterproof mascara and a swipe of lip gloss to take on the day.  Take extra care to properly remove it at night to save your eyelashes.

Water Spray// water spray, such as Evian, refreshes you like nothing else during the summer; especially at the beach or pool!  Evian spray feels so nice and keeps your skin cool while you’re under the sun.

Oil blotters// oil blotting sheets are a must for days you spend long hours outside.  They’ll make your skin matte so you feel confident and clean all day long.  We recommend Clean & Clear: they’re affordable and convenient to buy at your local drug store.

Big sunhats// not only are big sunhats an adorable addition to any outfit, they’re also the best way to protect your face from the summer sun.  They’re fashionable and functional – the best combination.

And the number one tip: Remember to apply sunscreen whenever you’ll be outside. Always look for sunscreens containing zinc – they work the best and are the safest for your health.  After all, your skin is your biggest organ, so take care of it!