No, My Septum Piercing Didn’t Hurt

About five months ago, after obsessively pinning countless pictures of people with septum piercings on Pinterest for a year, I finally gathered up the lady balls to get my own “bull ring.” This was not an easy decision.  I went back and forth on it for a really long time until my boss, who also has hers pierced, told me about the easy aftercare and how quickly it healed (I will admit though that my decision was swayed by the fact that she is also the epitome of the badass woman I have always desired to be).

To be perfectly blunt about it all: my septum piercing has been nothing but pleasant.  I love my piece for many reasons, a big one being the healing process.  For whatever reason, my body hates piercings (how strange, my skin doesn’t like foreign needles in it!) so after one failed traditional nose piercing and two failed pairs of double ear piercings I had basically called it quits with body modifications.

However, freshman year of college does this neat little trick where it can turn you against your (and your mother’s) better judgement to do things such as bleach your hair, get tattoos from friends, and buy all your textbooks over renting them because “maybe I’ll read them later on” (fun fact: you won’t).  It was amidst all these negative decisions that I considered one more.  I considered it so hard actually that I ended up at my local piercing shop.

After I’d signed all the paperwork and picked out a golden horseshoe hoop to shove in between my nostrils, I was ready to go.  The worst part about the piercing (which still wasn’t bad) was having my skin cleansed with stenchy rubbing alcohol to prepare for the needle, though if you frequent the party scene this bit is basically just another sloppy friday night.

After the clamp is put in your nose you’re basically just a 1-2-3 count away from Grunge City. The needle didn’t hurt me at all, and surprisingly neither did the piercing… ever.  I kept waiting for it to start being painful and throbbing, but that point in time never arrived.  I will say though, that it was quite tender for a few weeks.  As far as aftercare goes though, my piercer instructed me to simply clean in and around the piercing with scent free soap in the shower.  I had no idea how easy of a process it all was.

After the nightmare of my first nose piercing filled with pus, scabs and pain, my septum piercing was a delightful surprise; keep in mind though that everyone’s piercing behaves differently.  By about a month in I’d stopped cleaning my piercing everyday (the soap dried out my nose and made it itchy) and after that it has been smooth sailing.

I have a few different pieces of jewelry I switch in and out.  I find I like my simple horseshoe or a hoop better than the gaudy gem clickers though. Along with the ability to express yourself with different jewelry, I have found that there is a certain confidence that comes along with a piercing like this too.  It feels more unique than standard ear/belly button/nose modifications that can be made; however, make no mistake: this piercing is on the rise in popularity and gaining “Basic Status” as we speak-- it’ll still probably make your grandma think you’re a real BA though if that’s what you’re going for.

Hopefully this article gives you a better idea of the septum experience so you don’t have to debate for as long as I did on whether or not to get it.  Here are some other answers to basic questions I had before I got pierced:

  • Blowing your nose with a septum piercing is no big deal. You may need to stick a cotton swab up there in the beginning to clean the bats out of your recently adorned cave, but it’s basically the same concept.

  • I can flip my horseshoe piercing up so it is not visible for work, traditional family functions, babysitting grabby children, etc.  No guarantees that your nose will be the right shape for this maneuver, but everyone I have encountered with this piercing has been able to pull that off so far.

  • Kissing is tricky.  The first few weeks your nose will be tender so you don’t want someone else all up in it.  When I encountered this I just flipped it up, but if yours is too sore for that you might want to stick to cheek kisses or aggressively flirting over text but being “sooo swamped with school” whenever you’re asked to hang out.  Bonus: Tell yourself that’s why your crush says they’re always busy to feel better about your love life.