Four On-Campus Jobs That’ll Boost Your College Experience

As back to school season approaches, it’s a good idea to think of ways to make money on campus.  What about ways to advance yourself in your career as well?  The best jobs on-campus don’t just provide you with money; they also teach you valuable skills, introduce you to fantastic new people, and ultimately boost your college experience.  Here is our list of the top five on-campus jobs.

Photo provided by Carrie Carlisle

Photo provided by Carrie Carlisle

The Library// you may not think of the library on-campus as a good place to fire up your resume, but you should!  When working at the library, tasks may vary from shelving books, to front desk, to behind the scenes paperwork.  You’ll learn beneficial people and organizational skills, develop a productive work routine, and you also might be able to qualify for work study.  Additionally, libraries offer a lot of helpful databases for writing papers and doing homework; you’d be doing yourself a favor by stopping by a few times a week regardless.

The Telefund/Student Fundraising// most colleges and universities reach out to alumni to raise money.  An uncommon, but extremely advantageous on-campus job would be working as a Telefund Caller.  This job gives students opportunities to practice sales and telemarketing skills. Having a job in the Office of Advancement can open many doors in the future.  Most students are easily hired because of their stellar communication skills, persuasion tactics, visible fundraising statistics and outgoing personalities.  What more could you want in a new employee for your business?

Front Desk Clerk// although this might be an obvious choice; working in the lobby of a residence hall could be more helpful than you think.  You’ll see everyone as they enter the building, be able to connect with RA’s and Hall Director’s, and flaunt your responsibilities. People will look to you to be reliable in times of trouble, to be organized and to provide a friendly face.  If all else fails, you could use this time to get homework done at the desk, and even that is a plus!

Admissions/Chancellor's Office// oftentimes, internships and student jobs will be held within the offices on campus.  Graphic design intern, social media marketers, and event planners are in high demand.  If these are professions that catch your eye, it might be worthwhile to test them out before graduation.

It can be overwhelming to figure out which on-campus job is right for you.  Although, if you use this list as a guide, you could find that your new job won’t just affect your life in the present, but also in the future.