Senior Classes: Taking it Easy or Stepping it Up

Signing up for your classes as a senior may not seem like a dilemma, that is, until you actually have to decide whether or not you want to cave into your (probably) massive case of senioritis. You have worked hard to meet graduation requirements and have (hopefully) set yourself up for a college bound path; however, now that you rule the school with your new title of Senior, you wonder, is it wise to take this year easy and have one last relaxed year until reality comes crashing in?  Or do you continue to work hard and strive to be the best you can possibly be?

Of course the morally correct answer is to put your head down and get through the year, finishing your high school career with the gratification that you worked to get to that stage with your diploma on it.  Yet, the choice to leave school early in the day by only taking the minimum required classes lingers.  It is so tantalizingly close, you just want to reach out with your hands and grasp it.

Lets look at the pros and cons to each path, in the hopes of clearing the air around the situation.

Easy Route


  • Less stress

  • Overall more enjoyable


  • More guilt

  • Less competitive towards colleges

Hard Route


  • Less guilt

  • College ready


  • More stress

  • Less enjoyable than the other option

It seems as though there is no real solid solution to this problem, mainly because it lies in each individual and their own high school progression.  Senior year and its classes are what you make of it.  As cheesy as it may sound, it’s true.  This is your year to do what you want, how you want. We as teenagers are suddenly given this power to decide our own fate, and these decisions (not to scare you) will shape the rest of our life.  

So yes, you could choose not to take that extra math, science, or english class, but you must think about how that will affect your later career, either in college, or in whatever you choose to do. The choice is yours, make the decision based upon what you think is best for yourself, and no one can hold that against you.