Your Travel Guide to Upper East Side NYC

Despite its reputation from Gossip Girl, the Upper East Side of NYC should definitely be on your list the next time you visit.  The UES is full of charming town houses, quaint (but slightly pricey) cafés, renowned museums, and historic buildings.  While exploring, you should definitely hit up a few of these places:

Metropolitan Museum of Art// ok, so not really a hidden gem, but definitely a must-see.  Not only are there incredible exhibits and works of art inside of the museum, but the building itself is beautiful (inside and out) and so much fun to get lost in.

Yura on Madison// loved by the local Upper East Siders, Yura is an adorable café on 92nd and Madison.  One of the widely-acknowledged favorites served there is the farmcake muffin, which is an uber-moist chocolate-cream cheese-chocolate chip muffin.  Although ordering a full meal can get a little pricey, definitely check it out for a quick coffee and muffin.

The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum// one of the most unique museums on the Upper East Side, the Cooper Hewitt (which includes a recently renovated café and courtyard with free admittance) is housed in Andrew Carnegie’s old mansion on 91st and 5th avenue.  The museum is filled with cool design and architecture exhibits, and is free for all students!

Big Daddy’s Diner// although it may look unassuming from the outside, Big Daddy’s (located on 83rd and 2nd avenue), is a bit more than your average all-American diner.  The interior is decorated in a bold ‘50s design, with neon signs and vintage posters, patterns, and trinkets everywhere.  The menu is no less obscure, and features a variety of unique options (cookie dough or Oreo pancakes, mac and cheese burgers, and cotton candy milkshakes to name a few).