Easy Ways to Workout on Vacation

Keeping a regular workout schedule in the summer isn’t always as easy as it seems when it comes to going on vacation.  Not being around your regular equipment and surroundings can be a little overwhelming, but being out of town, doesn’t mean working out has to come to a stop.  There are plenty of ways to get in some exercise while on vacation.

Image provided by: Carolyn Johnson

Image provided by: Carolyn Johnson


Go on adventure// no matter where you are there is something new to be seen.  Hop on a bike or just walk around your new location.  It is a fun way to explore where you are, and to burn off some easy calories without trying too hard.


Pinterest It// websites like Pinterest have so many creative workout routines that don’t require any equipment.  Even if you are in a hotel room, these exercises can be customized to fit wherever you are.


Hit up the pool// swimming is the perfect way to get a quick workout in.  By swimming a few laps or even just treading water for a little bit, you will burn calories without feeling like you are actually working out.


Come Prepared// if space allows, bring your favorite workout gear with you.  A yoga mat or a jump rope are some packable items that will help you get a workout in.  Having your own equipment with you might push you to actually use them.


These tips can make staying in shape over your vacation a little easier.  It is always important to remember that it isn’t the end of the world if you can’t get your daily workout in.  Vacations are about having fun and enjoying yourself!