Fun Things to Do In Your Hometown


As summer comes to a close, so does visiting fun travel destinations; however, if you're still trying to cross some things off your summer bucket list, you can look no further than your own hometown.  There are tons of options for fun things to get out and do, even though they are often overlooked.  Grab some friends and explore the city you call home… you won't be disappointed.


Visit a Farmer's Market// not only does visiting a farmer's market support your local farmers, it can be fun to walk around, take photos, and try new food.


Image provided by: Carrie Carlisle

Image provided by: Carrie Carlisle

Tour an art museum// get a little lost in a local art institute or the like.


Go thrift shopping// here at Undeniable, we love a good deal.  There's something about the hunt of finding a piece you love at a killer price that is so fun.


Walk around a botanical garden/butterfly house// take a little bit of time to appreciate nature by strolling through a botanical garden.


Drive-In Movie// pack your trunk full of blankets and snacks and head to your nearest drive-in movie. **Pro tip: put a flat pool raft in the bottom of your trunk for maximum comfort**


They say home is where the heart is, and it turns out there are a ton of other things where home is, too; you just have to find them!