7 Must-Haves for Your Dorm

With so many advertisements for things you just HAVE to have for your dorm room, it’s hard to decided what to buy for your new little home.  Keeping things comfortable, but also neat, is very important for the small space you’ll live in for the next year or two.  Here are seven things that you didn’t know you needed to help keep your dorm room feel more like home.

Image provided by: Stephanie Nguyen

Image provided by: Stephanie Nguyen


Mattress Pad// there’s a reason this item is number one on the list… mattress pads change lives. With the beds that the school provides, it’s not going to be the most comfortable bed ever, and this will increase your sleeping habits ten fold.  Even just the good ole Target brand is great, there’s no need to add to more college debt!


Brita Water Filter// unless your dorm building comes with drinking water that doesn’t taste like straight up iron, a water filter can help with that.  It will help keep you hydrated all the time, and also you won’t be taking up space and wasting plastic with water bottles everywhere.



Power Strip// with you computer, fan, hair tools, and speakers, a power strip is going to be a lifesaver, especially when people come to visit.  There has to be a place for all of those phone chargers, right?



Foldable Chair// with little space to spare, a foldable chair comes in handy for something comfortable to lounge in, but also doesn’t take up a ton of room.  Just fold the chair when done and put it behind your bed or dresser.



Room Spray// when spending so much time in one space (and that pile of week old laundry sitting in the corner), and freshly scented room is sure to boost your morale when studying for exams or writing papers.


High Quality Trash Bags// even though many schools provide trash bags, they’ll most likely be the kind the rip at the slightest tug. Whang walking down the hallway or flights of stairs to take out the trash, having glass bottles and half eaten containers of take out spill everywhere will not make the best day.



Pictures and Comfy Things// this last item is a little more general, but having a little piece of home with you while you’re at school is much more important than you think.  Having that gift from your best friend at home sitting on your desk, or pictures of your family will help make your first year at college be a great one.