Three Ways to Boost Your College Resume

The college application process is easily more intimidating than exciting.  As a rising senior, the thought of completing essays, visiting campuses, and maintaining stellar grades is very stressful. So many minute details encompass a college application and there is no equation to having a perfect resume.  Four years of accomplishments and experiences are compiled onto a document that embodies you as an individual both academically and personally.  In order to distinguish yourself as a student, a distinctive college resume requires a little extra work.  Aside from involvement in extracurriculars or participation in challenging courses, your resume should also exhibit your true self.  The following components are sure to help your resume stand out.

Image provided by: PJ Middleton

Image provided by: PJ Middleton


Consistency// colleges like to see consistency with both your course load and community involvement.  Every year, take on the more challenging classes to prove your capabilities and perseverance.  Try to also find something you're passionate about whether it be an organization or hobby, and stick with it to show your fervor and dedication.


Leadership// demonstrate your ability to lead by starting a club, becoming captain of a sports team, or holding a position on student government.  Any leadership position will prove your qualities as an individual who leads by example, is a positive influence, and effects others by their humility  



Extracurricular// take part in sports, clubs, and outside activities.  Involvement in much more than academics is a huge component of your resume, so try to be active.  Consider holding an internship for experience, volunteering on the weekends, or joining clubs you are interested in. Be involved but don’t over do it to the point of madness.  Show your willingness and ability to manage your time well with activities you are truly passionate about.