Why You Should Leave Your Phone at Home

In the past few years, phones have become part of our everyday life.  Sure, they can be helpful to stay in touch with friends, look up directions, restaurants, and stores on the go, and as entertainment.  It’s incredibly important however, to realize that having your phone on you all the time is not healthy.

Image provided by: Carolyn Johnson

Image provided by: Carolyn Johnson


Interact With People// leaving your phone at home when you go out to meet friends or family, go to a restaurant, or even lounge on the beach can be so beneficial to your real-life happiness. Instead of sitting next to your friends who are all also on their phones, start up a conversation or play twenty-questions.  You’ll learn more about your friends and be able to connect with them on a deeper level than social media.


Don’t Obsess Over Capturing Life for the ‘Gram// right now it seems that everyone is constantly taking pictures on their phone.  Obviously it’s amazing that we’re able to take photos so easily whenever we want to, but it’s important to remember that that doesn’t mean we have to. Instead of planning out how you’ll portray the moment on Instagram, try just appreciating the moment while it happens.  If it’s really worth sharing then you can tell your friends and family all about it later (and you’ll be grateful that you weren’t on your phone).



Always consciously realize how much you’re on your phone, because you’ll be so much more grateful later in life if you live in the moment rather than check social media!