Heatless Hairstyles for School

With the first day of school rolling around the corner, it is useful to learn a few fast and easy hairstyles for busy school mornings; plus, heatless hairstyles are a wonderful way to keep your hair healthy.  What’s even more, heatless hairstyles take less time than using a curling or straightening iron.  Here are four heatless hairstyles to help you look marvelous this school year.  

Image provided by: Courtney Brewer

Image provided by: Courtney Brewer

Heatless Curls// at night, after a shower, with your hair still damp, braid your hair back in one French braid.  Sleep all night with your hair woven in this braid.  In the morning, take your hair out of the French braid.  Instantly, your hair should fall down into wavy curls.  This is a fabulous hairstyle in the mornings when you’re in an enormous rush but still want to look good!

French Braids// this hairstyle is very popular because it is so easy yet looks so complex. Practice does make perfect in the case of this braid.  The more you practice this braid the easier it will be for it to look flawless in no time.  A french braid also is superb for after school sports because it is a stylish way to keep hair out of your face.

Fishtail// if you could imagine a bohemian princess she would definitely have a fish tail in her hair.  Fishtails are more time-consuming than a braid, but worth every second.  Fishtails are a fabulous touch to a casual school day outfit and comfortable converse.

Dutch Braid// you might recognize this braid as it is seen on Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games) numerous times.  It is a French braid, but the middle section goes over the side sections whereas in a normal French braid, the middle section goes under the side sections of hair.  This braid looks 3D, creating a chic, modern hairstyle.