Ways to Decrease the Stress and Increase the Fun

Photo submitted by Toyosi Oyelola

Photo submitted by Toyosi Oyelola

Stress is never fun, especially not stress brought upon by school.  Always focusing on deadlines and studying and time managing… it gets tough!  It’s easy to push everything to the last minute but more than likely, that creates an even bigger problem.  Here are a few great ways to decrease your stress and increase the fun this school year.

Candy// ok, the term candy is loose.  Ice cream, Sour Patch Kids, pretty new pens, arm candy, a fresh celebrity gossip magazine.  Use some kind of reward to congratulate yourself for the hard work.  Whatever your “candy” is, make sure you’ve got a solid motivator for when you need that extra push to finish the task.

Spreadsheet// not all college kids are good when it comes to Excel.  However, it does make classwork easier if you have all of your assignments and due dates typed and printed out onto a sheet.  It’s not rocket science; once you get your syllabus from each class, utilize it, you’ll be glad you did!

Breaks// this sort of falls under the rewarding category for studying.  Once you study a bit, take a break.  Use this time to: watch your favorite show, scroll Pinterest, talk to your friends or go for a walk.  Any break you give yourself will allow you to have a fresh mind ready to take on the next batch of flash cards.

Planner// this is a surefire way that helps all of my most organized friends stay on top of their lives. Use your planner to write down assignment dates, work hours, trips home, errands, meetings and anything that could possibly make its way into your schedule.

Office Hours// professors often share the available time that they have in their offices with their students.  You could use this opportunity to ask them about topics you’re unsure about, or to ask for a second opinion on a project.  They are there to help, so there’s no need to be scared.  

Study Buddies// nothing makes studying more fun than when you’ve got a partner to help you through it.  Make friends in each of your courses that way you can bounce ideas off of them and always know they’ll be there for you.

Mantra// when life gets you down, (and you know it will) it’s good to have some inspirational phrases up your sleeve. Write your words of wisdom on notecards to hang on your wall, in your notebook, or even snag an inspirational wallpaper for your phone.  It is wonderful to have a pick-me-up right there when you need it.  They will remind you that: life is ok, you are trying your best and doing a really good job.

Music// I’ll tell you one thing that helped me get up everyday last semester: my Spotify playlists! I would wake up and immediately put my headphones on.  I’d crank my favorite pop music and get pumped up for my day.  Plus, you feel amazing strutting your stuff across campus with your jam fueling you inside.

Killer Outfits// it is completely true that you’ll have many days when you don’t care what you’re wearing.  Even though it is tempting to wear leggings and a hoodie every day, you’ll feel your absolute best when clothed in your best.  If you buy a few new shirts or sweaters for the autumn season, you’ll feel much better wearing those with your jeans to class.  When you look good, you feel good and then you hopefully get good grades!

Goals// select a few long term goals, as well as short term goals.  Write the list somewhere you’ll see it everyday.  Right next to your bed when you get up in the morning, or on your refrigerator, that way you’ll be reminded to chase your dreams daily.

Get ready to have your best year yet! Try your best, take the good with the bad and enjoy those college years!