Undeniable's Universal Shopping Tips

Photo provided by Carrie Carlisle

Photo provided by Carrie Carlisle

Never shop while you’re hungry or in a bad mood// your mood will sway your thoughts about certain clothing, which might cause you to pick something out that you liked in the moment and will end up regretting later.  Hangry shoppers are a recipe for poor shopping decisions.

Always look on the sale rack// even if it doesn’t look too good from far away, there are always some hidden treasures on the sale rack!

Think logically// will you actually wear this? If you’re on a budget and can only pick out one of the two prettiest sweaters in the whole world, then imagine what you would wear with each one. Is it practical and a reasonable price?  If the item you’re looking at doesn’t go with a lot of the clothing you have, then choose something else because you definitely don't want something that you can only look at in your closet.

Focus on good quality basics// it’s inevitable that your style will change eventually, so our suggestion is: focus on good quality basic pieces (good pair of jeans, basic tees, etc.) and just a few “fun” things.

Never shop for the brand// shop for the article of clothing itself because brands go out of style very often and if you only like the clothing for the brand, in the long run it will be a waste of money.

The important opinion is yours// it’s nice to have someone else’s opinion, but the most important thing is that YOU like the clothing and feel good in it.  Only buy things that fit well, feel good, and look good.  The only thing another person sees is what the clothing looks like on you, they have no idea if it’s too tight or uncomfortable.

Trendy clothes?// trendy clothes are nice to have because everyone is wearing them and it’s fun to be in on the trend, but ask yourself if you actually like the item.  Most likely it will go out of style within six months or so because things move so fast these days.
You’re allowed to splurge once in awhile// just remember that everything is good in moderation.