Simple Ways to Drink More Water

It’s a well known fact that drinking water is great for your health, but sometimes it is hard to drink eight glasses a day with the business of classes, work, and having iced coffee instead. There are some ways to help you remember to drink water, and improve your mood.  Drinking enough water everyday is loved by your skin, great for weight loss, and just overall healthy.

Drink water right when you wake up and before bed// in the mornings, your mind is probably telling you that you need caffeine, but be sure to hydrate first.  After sleeping and having no water for 8-10 hours, your body is craving water to amp up your metabolism.  Add some lemon, if you like the flavor, to your water because it’s a great immune boost too.

Always carry a (reusable) water bottle with you// having a plastic bottle with you is great for hydration, but horrible for the environment.  Also, they usually only hold sixteen ounces of water, so you’ll be bothered to fill it up more throughout the day.  Some great options are the Camelbak bottle, Pogo, Swell, or even a free one you get at school.  Just be sure to wash it daily to get rid of germs!

Set reminders// when you first start a habit, it’s hard to remember to drink every hour.  By just setting silent reminders on your phone or writing it in your planner, it’ll only take a couple of weeks for your body to be used to always staying hydrated.

Only order water// not only is it free, but by cutting out other drinks, you’ll start to love the way your body feels after drinking water.  If you still want to treat yourself, drink a glass of water before that dr. pepper.

Mark your bottles// if you don’t mind writing on your water bottle, draw a line every couple of inches and mark the time when you should drink water (about every hour or every other hour); that way, when you look at it, you’ll know if you’re on track and won’t chug all of  your water before bed.