Tips for BTS Fashion: Smock Dresses

I’m typically not a fashion oriented person, meaning that I tend to gravitate toward clothing that is plain, simply because I find it more comfortable.  If you feel the same way, I bring you great news.  There are these amazing articles of clothing that are super comfy and make you look like you’re putting in effort (plus they hide your tummy): smock dresses!  They come in all kinds of patterns and styles, and are incredibly versatile!  Here are a few ideas to dress up a smock dress and a few ideas to keep it casual and cute.

Dressing it Up// while smock dresses are certainly more casual, they can be dressed up and worn to fancier occasions.  A super easy way to create a higher end feel is to choose some nice heels or boots to wear!  Other things, like tights, also elevate a smock dress from everyday to event ready.  Small details like necklaces and hats are commonly used among smock dress wearers to polish off outfits and can pull looks together.  Combining these elements will make your smock dress appear elaborate, while staying comfortable.

Keeping it Casual// if you wish to wear your smock dress to school (or just around the house, tbh) these dresses are completely capable of that too.  The only thing to really think about with plainer smock dresses is how to combat visual boredom!  Try layering things like crop tops and collared shirts and see how they look.  Lacier and silkier scarves keep the smock dress’ feminine feel without being overpoweringly dressy; I wear my favorite smock dress with a simple scarf to keep it from being too visually bland, but the outfit itself is still casual enough to wear with my Converse.  Keeping a smock dress casual is pleasant because it is so easy--you don’t have to do much at all to stay comfy and cute.

So there you have it, a few ideas to keep your smock dress look relaxed and a few ways to make it dressier!  The easiest way to see what look you like is to experiment with what you have, but hopefully these suggestions inspired some new ideas for you.