Winged Eyeliner Without the Hassle

The classic cat eye, though it is a beautiful technique that instantly makes eyes bigger and brighter, it is a pain to master.  Many of us give up after a couple of makeup wipes and a lot of frustration; however, here are some simple tips that will help on the quest for eyeliner perfection!


Use gel eyeliner// because of its creamy consistency, it allows you to paint on the perfect cat eye in just a few minutes.  You can purchase gel eyeliner at the drugstore without even breaking the bank!

Use an angled eyeliner brush// eyeliner brushes are made for painting on eyeliner with precision and ease.


  1. Use the eyeliner brush to line the upper lashes.  Make sure that the line is thin and hugs the base of your lash line.  You can go above and below the lashes if you wish; however, if you feel uncomfortable going below, just draw a line on the top of your lashes. Either way, it will look great!


  1. Next, draw a thicker line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye.  When towards the inner corner, the line should be very thin.  When it moves toward the outermost eyelash, it can get slightly thicker.


  1. Finally, draw a thin wing that angles up towards the end of the eyebrow. This will make your eyes pop and add length to your lashes!


These steps will help you master winged eyeliner; however, if you don’t get it the first time, try again!  Practice makes perfect!