Three Ways to Embrace Change

Photo provided by Toyosi Oyelola

Photo provided by Toyosi Oyelola

If there is one idea that the majority of humankind dislikes more than anything, it’s change.  Most of us love our planners and our meticulous day schedules because we love knowing exactly what’s in store.  We love being able to feel like old pros in our environments because it signals that we’ve finally thwarted all of the surprises and loops in the system.  We love our schedules because we love stability; however, life is anything but stable.  In order to cope with the changes that life throws at us, we have to learn to embrace them with open arms instead of hating them.

Whether you’re starting a new school year or you’re moving to a new job or you’re just trying something new, you will inevitably experience change in your lifestyle.  Try using a few of these tips to avoid having a pessimistic outlook about life’s transitions:

Don’t Fall into the Comparison Trap// it’s unbelievably easy to paint any new life developments in a negative light by comparing them to what came before.  If you repeatedly tell yourself, “last year’s class schedule was so much better,” or, “my last office was so much nicer,” you will never be able to find happiness in your new surroundings.  Remember that your new experiences are stand-alones.

Treat Change as a Blank Slate// one of the best things about having a change in scenery or lifestyle is the wonderful opportunity for you to begin again.  Especially if you’ve just exited from a bad or stressful itinerary, use a new environment to create a new you-- a you that’s cautiously optimistic and ready for whatever life is preparing to throw.

Give Yourself Time// part of the reason that change is viewed so negatively is the harrowing adjustment period that follows it.  It’s pretty hard to feel like the “newbie” in a group, but it’s important that you remember that it takes time to adjust to anything new.  Allow yourself enough time and space to grow more comfortable with change, and soon you’ll find that you love it.

Change isn’t exactly the monster that everyone has made it out to be.  Embrace change, and change will embrace you right back.