5 Reasons to Be Excited to Go Back to School

We all know the feeling of going back to school; new pens, fresh notebooks and the idea of summer becoming a distant memory.  You wish you could freeze time and stay in summer forever, but alas, we can’t.  So, incase you are like many other students across the country, and aren’t ready to go back to school, here is a handy list of five reasons to be excited!

Image provided by: Carly June

Image provided by: Carly June


Freedom// simply put, this is YOUR time to live your life.  You get to choose who your friends are, what you do with your free time and how to structure your days.  Be excited to go back to school so you can run your life on your own terms.



Learn// we go to school to gain knowledge, might as well be looking forward to it! Take a class in something you’ve always been curious about, or something you know will benefit your future. School is a lot more fun when you aren’t apprehensive about the coursework!



Seeing your friends// ahhhh, the moment you see your friends after being away a whole summer. It instantly feels better knowing you are back on home base, ready to take a whole new semester by storm.  What’s even better, getting the chance to make new friends.  It’s thrilling to meet new people and put yourself out there.



Gaining References/Networking// being back at school puts you at a much bigger advantage as far as conferences and socials go.  Everything you need is so accessible.  Have a favorite professor?  Go chat em’ up about internships in the area.  Use your connections… your campus is a fantastic resource!



Events and Sports// college sporting events and school sponsored activities can be so exhilarating.  Homecoming in high school was nothing compared to college and that is always fun to plan for.  Show your spirit and be proud to attend the events.



The transition will always be a little tricky to go from a free schedule and sunny days to homework and colder temps.  However, with any luck, this list made you smile as you look forward to the upcoming school year!