Three Organization Tips for Back to School

Agenda// an agenda immensely transformed me from the cluttered person I was.  After every class I started to write my homework in my planner.  It became such a routine for me that I didn’t even have to think about pulling it out!  With the back to school season also being so busy, a planner will help you organize your social life, family, sports, school, and clubs all in one schedule.

Image provided by: Carrie Carlisle

Image provided by: Carrie Carlisle

Know Yourself// there are many surveys and tests online to tell you how you learn best.  You could be a visual, aural, verbal, or physical learner.  Once you know what kind of student you are, you know how to study for your brain to absorb material to the best of your ability.  Figuring out yourself makes learning a hundred times easier because you know how, when, and where to study.  Also, once you get a successful study schedule down it decreases the likeliness of procrastination!

Folders, Binders, Etc.// don’t be that person that takes their homework and pushes it into the last inch of your backpack, ripped and crumbled.  Have a place to stash homework, notes, and handouts.  Owning a folder helps you stay away from spending five minutes digging through your backpack looking for that one piece of Geometry homework.

Whether you are starting high school, college, or middle school, these tips should make your school year the best one yet!