Getting Involved

College is a great experience for everyone across the board. Students pack up their lives at home to move into school, and parents shed tears of joy and sadness. This is the day that most teens look forward to do. Now that you’re all moved, what next?

Tips that every college student needs to know is:

1.Make friends

Making friends on campus is one of the most important things. College is about studying and getting your work done but friends help you keep your sanity on campus. When something goes wrong and your parents aren’t available or you don’t feel comfortable disclosing everything to your parents you go to your friends. they’re also the people to get you back on track when you lose your focus.

2. Get active

Find a club that you like and stick to it. Everyone loves being a part of a team. Getting active on campus will keep you motivated because you have these strong leaders on campus rooting you. Being a part of a club keeps everyone motivated. You’re not only representing yourself

3.Use a planner

A planner is a life saver for every college student. The excitement of buying a new planner very school year, the nice designs, color and quotes on it is what intrudes us to buy it but what to do with it? Well use it! Although it may become tidiest to use your planner (opening it in every class to mark down your work, checking it every night, color coding it) it is needed. Having a planner is a life saver. Not only is convenient to just grab and go it is everything in one. It is a personal notebook, agenda, and calendar in one. Remembering to use a planner is hard however I’ll keep you on track. All of your work will be in not on time but early. This will not only keep you on track but also your professor and most importantly your GRADES!

4. Sleep and drink water

College consists of a lot of sleepless nights and all-nighters but it is crucial to sleep. The average sleep that a person should get per night is 8 hours on average. In college when you have a load of work (deadlines, quizzes and essays) it may be hard to get a sufficient amount of sleep but it is important to. Sleep affects your grades and your mood. If you’re sleepy you’re less likely to begin work or be enthused to go to class. Water goes hand in hand with sleep. Water intake is crucial to your well-being and all around mood. On average a person should drink about 8 cups of water a day this is enough to keep you hydrated. Starting off and ending your day with water impacts your mood. These two things are vital to your success in college because and sleep and water keeps you energized to get through your day.

5. Talk to your professors

This may sound ridiculous but its important. Getting to know your professor can ultimately bring you from a C to a B or even changing that minus to a plus in your class. Professors are people too. They have feelings, they have families, and they get it. Getting to know your professor is on one of the most import things that a student could do. It is incredibly important. Showing a professor that you care about your grade and their class is the first step. Don’t get to know your professor just or your benefit but it ultimately for your success. This way they’ll know you care about the class, you care about your grades and them.

All these thing go hand in hand to being successful in college. Starting from 1 t to 5. If you follow these steps you can become extremely successful in school. Making friends is inevitable, from getting involved on campus whether its with your friends or not, use your planner to plan out all of your work sleep and stay hydrated and lastly talk to your professors. Get to know your professor. This is the tools and steps to having a successful semester and year.