The Message Miss America Is Sending


It’s awfully easy to assume that today’s beauty pageants are anything but empowering; however, this year’s Ms. America proved otherwise. Miss America 2019 was the year where diversity, women’s empowerment, and knowledge shone brighter than the contestants’ look’s. With this and the removal of the swimwear portion of the competition, Miss America had every right to adopt the name of Miss America 2.0.  

More than ever Miss America 2.0 had contestants of all different colors from all different wealth backgrounds showcasing how just anyone who’s passionate enough can have a chance to change the world.

The winner of this year’s Miss America 2.0 showed exactly how your background doesn’t have the power to define the person you are. Nia Franklin, Miss America 2019, is a black opera singer who preached about the need to fund more music programs across the nation. She believes that music can be a gateway for many struggling students. Creating and funding more educational music curriculums is just one of the many things Franklin desires to accomplish.  Nia Franklin’s father was a survivor of cancer, and she came from a middle-class background. Franklin wasn’t the stereotypical Miss America, she had her struggles and was diverse; which made her all the better winner.

Miss America’s message now tells any young girl that she too has the power to change the world. Whether you are a person of color or not, rich or poor at the end of the day we are all equals. When Miss America first started in the 1920’s most of the contestants did not care about the effect they left on the world.

Those contestants cared for their looks because that is what society told them was important.

Now as the world and people in it change for the better, so does the way we impact it for future generations. Miss America is no longer judging on beauty and money it’s about judging how much passion one has and their capability to change the world for the better.  These changes encourage more and more women to stay true to their roots, whether that be your heritage, or obstacles that were overcome.

Miss America 2.0 is now more than a title and a crown, it’s a battle cry for women’s’ empowerment. The competition emphasizes the true meaning of being a role model. Young girls everywhere now have every right to dream big, and to make sure that their voices are heard. When they become women, they can now have the power to act on those dreams and make their make on the world fearlessly.