7 Reasons Not to Feel Bad About Being Single During Cuffing Season


It’s that time of the year that single people dread or some even look forward to. Cuffing season. Some of you may be asking, what is “cuffing season?” This refers to the time during the fall and winter seasons when single people find themselves lonely and longing to be in a serious relationship or “cuffed.”

I am not afraid to admit that I am one of the “single” people that find themselves wanting to be cuffed. I went on a couple of Tinder and Bumble dates in hopes of finding myself eventually “cuffed,” but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. Instead of dwelling on this self-made problem simply because cuffing season is a social phenomenon experienced by other single individuals, that doesn’t mean it should be one’s main goal.

After some self-reflecting, it became more apparent to me that cuffing season shouldn’t dictate my relationship status for the upcoming months. Instead, I came to the realization that being single during cuffing season is actually the perfect time to do many other things beneficial to myself. Not to down talk those in a relationship, but I’m happy for you. Honestly, truly, congrats on getting cuffed! Although, if you find yourself like me, single, don’t be discouraged during this time. Don’t feel bad about being single. I know what scrolling through social media can do as you constantly see couples do cute couple-y things like apple picking, wearing matching flannels, boomeranging their Starbucks drinks, and sharing holiday moments together. It can raise hints of jealousy and ignite a desire to get cuffed ASAP.

But, I’m here to tell you, dear reader, to please not feel bad. You can still be happy for those currently in a relationship and still enjoy the “single af” life, so let me remind you why.


Now is the perfect time to stack up on those holiday hours at work and make that extra dough! Expenses will increase during the holiday season, so working more will be more beneficial to you financially. Also, being single means not having to worry about trying to stress about balancing time for work and relationships.


The infamous words of Donna and Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation have forever seared itself into my brain when I think of the number one benefits of being single; TREAT YO SELF. This means anything from solo Netflix binges without the commitment, ordering food for yourself, buying yourself gifts here and there, the ways of “treat yo self” are endless. It is truly a wonderful thing being single. The gentle reminder of not having to worry about spending money on someone else other than yourself may seem selfish, but in actuality, it’s just a form of self-care.


Got invited to a party and spot some cuties? Go ahead and flirt your butt off. Grocery shopping and your cashier is one of the most beautiful human beings you’ve ever laid eyes on? FLIRT WITH THEM. Is there a hottie sitting across from you at the café? Bat those flirtatious eyelashes. The best part? You can flirt without feeling an inch of guilt because it harms no one! Go forth and be great, you flirtatious butterflies!


Sure, there may be some other drama happening with family and friends, but at least it’s not YOUR own drama. And, if you do have family and friend drama, then it’s probably a good thing relationship drama isn’t added into the mix. That’s just a recipe for disaster.


Set a goals list, achieve said goals! This is the best time to start doing things that will push you into new directions in terms of career, finance, business, self-growth, etc. Putting yourself first does not mean being selfish, it means trying to become the best version of yourself first. How can one possibly grow without carefully nurturing their own needs to succeed? And, by succeed it doesn’t have to just mean career or finance-wise, it can also mean mental and emotional success. Pursuing new hobbies, trying things outside of your comfort zone, and working out more are just a few of the things you can do.


The holiday season doesn’t have to be spent ALONE, alone. Spend more time going on adventures with friends and family, experiencing new places, and making more memories with the people you care about the most.


Say goodbye to swiping left or right! The whole digital-dating world eventually becomes a monotonous game in its yes/no style of matchmaking. Of course, there are stories of people actually forming meaningful relationships through these apps, but for the sole purpose of this article, know that focusing on yourself means not having to worry about dating apps and mindless swiping. Altogether, just delete them. Most of the time, the coolest people we meet and vibe with are people we meet randomly, not on a dating app. So, don’t put pressure on yourself if you haven’t met the one yet, just enjoy all the time you have now to start focusing on yourself.