Gossipmongers at Work: 7 Tips to Avoid Drama Without It Affecting Your Paycheck


It’s that time again- where the month of September signifies change and new beginnings, especially at our jobs.  For many of us, work is our second home and the thought of being civil with everyone can be either exciting or dreadful.  We all have different work ethics and personalities, which shows more in a professional setting. Our co-workers know more about our daily routines than our actual friends because work will always be a competitive environment. With competition comes gossip and with gossip comes drama.  A gossipmonger is a person who engages in multiple conversations with intentions of spreading confidential information or rumors. This repeating cycle of the telephone game can decrease our professionalism and overall, interfere with our main source of income.

Here are 7 tips to start changing for the better when avoiding gossipmongers at work:  

Greet everyone in the room at once. // Early mornings and arriving to work in general can be exhausting.  Whether you had a rough start, a personal issue, or a long commute, greeting your coworkers is very important to maintain your professionalism.  Always use plural phrases when addressing your coworkers even if there’s only two individuals in the room. You can simply say, “Good morning everybody, Good morning to all, Happy (weekday) everybody, etc.”.  If you’re still uncomfortable greeting everyone as a whole, you can always smile, which is the best thing you can do to avoid misimpressions.

Having an introvert personality is okay. // Being an introvert at work has been inaccurately perceived as a worker who hates everyone.  That is completely false for several reasons. Introverts don’t mind working alone and this fact alone throws many people off.  An introvert personality allows your coworkers to see only what you want them to see: that you’re there to do a job and go home.  Introverts do not encourage small talk or crave attention to get the next big scoop. At work, thinking before speaking is the best motto.  It will certainly help you keep your job in the long run.

Avoid small talk/side conversations. // No matter how close you think you are to your coworkers, side conversations about your personal life or other employees is a no go.  Not only does this take time away from completing your tasks, but it also interrupts your focus. Soon enough, you’ll be getting a report back on all the things you’ve never said.  Always keep in mind that the walls have ears everywhere you go!

Only address work issues on the clock! // This is very important to everyone’s wellness of their mental health.  There will be days or weeks where work will be very stressful. There will be days where you’ll want to clock out before even arriving to work.  Try your best to NOT bring office drama home. Do not text or call co-workers afterhours to talk about how “Stacy was flirting with Bob just to get that promotion” (just an example).  Learn how to keep balance and separate the two so you can have self-relief at home.

Keep your personal business at the door. // Many people don’t seem to have an issue with this tip, but every job has that one co-worker who is an open book and they love it!  If that is not your motto, continue having conversations that are work appropriate. Not everyone listens to understand, but they will listen to repeat.

Be civil, but not clique-y. //Everyone will always have their favorite co-workers on the clock.  This can be a great thing when you want the day to go by fast. However, it can become an issue when drama escalates because cliques start to pick sides of the debate.  If you want to avoid this situation, be mutual and only speak on topics that you’re passionate about. Be observant and don’t act rashly.

Lastly, stay clear of the coworker’s who have motives! // Once you step foot into work, it’s game time. A workplace is a competitive field, where everyone is trying to impress one another.  Everyone is aiming for a pay raise or a promotion, which should be the goal. However, how people will hustle for it, is different from everyone else.  How co-workers will react to your actions will always be questionable. If you’re a firm believer of karma, only do what you’d want done to you. Any intention or motive that is not genuine will always backfire sooner or later.  Be patient with self-growth at work, nice people always finish last!

These 7 tips will not stop or fully prevent gossiping at work, but it is a great start to keeping YOURSELF out of the drama.  A happy employee will always be a productive worker and that will lead to overflowing positivity at work between personnel’s.