National Mental Health Day

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s all about the vibes,” and it’s a pop cultural statement that we’ve synced into our everyday slang.  You’ve probably heard the term in your favorite song or hash tagged on inspirational memes through social media. Vibes are the energies that you feel around you that affect your emotional well-being.  It has become necessary for us to refer to positive vibes when we talk about living a great life. On October 10th of every year, National Mental Health Day is celebrated globally, recognizing mental health education, awareness, and support for the stigma associated with it.  The topic of mental health awareness is difficult to bring up in conversation due to the misconception of what it truly means to suffer from a mental illness. Public stigma is currently happening and with society being insensitive about the subject, it becomes harder each generation to admit when you need to focus on improving your mental health.

This is where positive vibes come in.  This is how we cope with mental health issues by referring to “vibes” as a way to express who and what we need to be emotionally stable.  How we react to people and situations is just as important as how we choose to react to our own thoughts and daily stressors. It’s easy to sit and dwell on the things we cannot change when we allow ourselves to think negatively.  It is also easy to diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem when you’re surrounded by people who give off negative energies. Some common energies that people give off are making someone feel uncomfortable, being verbally aggressive, talking shit about others, being malicious, pettiness, trust issues, being two-faced, having an attitude, etc.  All of these energies can make a person feel out of place and sadly enough, can make someone feel as if they don’t know their purpose in life.

Anything that is making you feel uneasy in life, figure out what it is or what person is involved to make you feel that way.  If you can’t be honest with yourself, you’ll never find peace. That also goes along with, “if you can’t love yourself first, you won’t be able to love anyone else.”  A lot of life lessons about finding yourself comes into play when we talk about “positive vibes.” It’s okay to cut people off if they’re toxic. It’s okay to change your goals in life when you’re unhappy.  It’s okay to commit to a social media cleanse if it helps you focus on bettering yourself. It’s absolutely okay to be selfish if all you’ve been is selfless in situations where you should have put YOURSELF first.  

This preaching may not be enough for you to believe in positive vibes and that’s okay.  If you’re having a difficult time figuring out why you can’t control your own emotions, it’s okay to seek professional help.  Disregard the judgments and put your mental health first for once.

If we can take a moment to focus on the positive in our lives, we all can have a better chance at doing better for ourselves.  Positivity can give us the opportunities to feel great mentally and emotionally.

Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive Life.  

Happy National Mental Health Day!