How to Detox Your Life


Social Media Cleanse // Social Media can be a great outlet for staying in contact with family or close friends, but it can have a negative impact as well. It can be damaging to a person’s self esteem by seeing pictures of celebrities or if they’re just becoming too self obsessed with their phones, a social media cleanse can clear your mind and provide a new perspective.

Exercise // Exercising can help release feelings related to stress. While exercising, endorphins in your brain are released as natural pain and stress relievers. This can create a calmer outlook and can last throughout the day.

Meditation/ yoga // Depending on how active you want to be, meditation or yoga can strengthen your mindset and produce a positive aura. If meditation is you method of choice, this can be done in your own home with the use of apps that are created for this purpose. If yoga is your method of choice, you can join a yoga studio or you can find a place in your home and follow along with a YouTube instructor.

Diet // Healthy foods can add to your energy level and some super foods can even help reduce stress. Helpful foods are blueberries, avocados, salmon, dark chocolate, etc.  These foods are known to help reduce stress.

A hobby of choice // When life is getting you down or is too stressful for you to handle, it’s for the best to take a step back and to do something that you love. Whether it’s playing a sport, reading, drawing, etc, taking part in your favorite hobby can put your mind at ease.

SLEEP // Sleep is the most important stress reliever of all. Too little or too much sleep can cause irritability. It’s extremely important to get the recommended amount of sleep for your gender and age group.