Does the Name of Your College Really Matter?


College: a scary and intimidating time for students all over the country. Some could even say it’s the word equivalent to Harry Potter’s Voldemort. Everyone dreads the topic of college, especially if you’re a student who’s not too sure what you want to do with this next step in life.

As a prospective student myself I see fellow classmates panicking as if their lives depended on this one decision, which in reality, it does.

Every year when application season comes near both students and parents start to feel the pressure that comes with college. A point that many don’t realize is that the college application process is not supposed to be entirely terrifying. The aspect of college applications is supposed to be an exciting time for many students. Most students, including myself, tend to be so caught up with what society and people close to us think about our college choices that we feel pressured to apply to somewhere we don’t feel passionate about. Going to an ivy league or a private school is an impressive feat yes, but at the end of the day does the name of your college really matter?

Students often apply to the biggest name in their field without actually feeling a true connection to these colleges. This often leads to less passionate students who tend to not feel motivated in and out of class; which in turn increases the number of students doing poorly in class and even dropping out. They may have had the chance to attend another school but may have also been pressured into going for a college that people around them wanted them to apply to. There’s also the matter of fact that students can also feel pressured to attend schools with a lower acceptance rate in hopes of appearing more accomplished to others. Even though tuition between schools vary by thousands, every student has the ability to learn in one way or another.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter the name of your college, only what you choose to take and learn from it.

College is a time to start anew. You have a choice on where you can go, and what you truly want to do for the next years of your lives. In high school you never really had a choice on where you can go, what time you can go or even who you go with. In college you are allowed to take that first step and make decisions for yourself. Students of all majors should decide their colleges based on how connected they feel towards it. They should also decide their colleges based on their own desires and not another’s. Ideally what students should seek is a college in which they feel comfortable in as well as the programs offered in your majors or minors.