Go-To Snacks For Busy People


Desperate times call for desperate measures and keeping up with busy class days can be a drag. In college, you realize that not only is time of the essence, but time management is key. Creating a daily schedule will help you stay focused on your priorities and guide you through long, strenuous days that’ll make you reconsider why you applied to college in the first place. If you’re wondering, it’s actually worth it.
During your most chaotic day out of your Monday to Friday class schedule, it’s vital to bring along grab n’ go snacks to keep you fueled during the day. Below are 4 snackies I like to pack in my bag to keep me alert either in class or work:

Banana + Peanut Butter  // Too tired and think you can’t make it to class? Bananas are a great source of potassium which helps give you energy. As a complimentary side, I love snacking on bananas with peanut butter because not only is peanut butter awesome but it’s packed with potassium, fibers, and good for your heart!

Granola Bars  // Sometimes you might have 3 to 4 classes back to back and wind up with no time to even think about using your swipe for lunch. That’s when granola bars come in handy and will save your stomach from growling in class.

Trail Mix/Nuts // If you’re not a fan of nuts or trail mix, I suggest giving it a try. Although their on the pricey side, trail mix is the perfect hungry-in-class-snack packed with protein and various nutrients (and M&Ms) that’ll keep you energized and your stomach intact.

Hummus and Veggies // If you’re a fan of chickpeas, then hummus is the go-to snack for you. This chickpea spread blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic is popular across in Middle East and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s a convenient non-messy snack that’ll tingle your tastebuds with its acquired taste.