Ways to Relieve Stress


Whether you’re a high school student struggling with mountains of homework, or a 30 years young adult who believes that their week just couldn’t get any better, we all deal with stress in our life. Sometimes a little too much stress. While some believe that stress is stress and there’s nothing we can do to fix it, I’m busying believing that stress is something that can over time be reduced to better ourselves.

Sometimes we feel as if we are about to break apart under the pressure of all the stress. Our brain can easily be blamed for this. The brain is the center of all the anxiety and stress that controls out thoughts almost constantly. Depending on the type of person, one might stress more than the other. Everyone has different sources of stress and dealing with these stresses might take time. Here are some ways to relieve stress:

- If you’re in need of a quick restart close your eyes, take deep breaths and picture yourself away from all your problems. You could also focus on a certain object and do the same thing just without closing your eyes. By doing this for just a moment you can leave your problems and escape into your head. That way when you’re finished you have enough energy to survive the rest of the day.

- Listen to your favorite song to boost your moods.

- Order your favorite food for you next meal so you have something to look forward too.

- Get a planner. Most problems arise from lack of organization. Getting a planner will not only help you keep organized but make life so much easier.

- Start your plans earlier, a.k.a stop procrastinating. As well as lack of organization procrastination is a key way to get stressed, especially for students. No matter how much you don’t want to for the first few days many have to push through. Once your body gets into the habit of completing objectives early you won’t have to stress about last minute items.

- Start a new “mind” hobby. A mind hobby is an activity that can help relieve stress from your brain. Some mind hobbies could be cloud watching, reading a book or even taking a hike and nature watching. Mind hobbies done at least once a week can result in people feeling less stress then others.

- Hang out with old friends. Talking to old friends can actually be helpful when it comes to relive stress. Since they know much about you already they’ll know when something is wrong and be there to help when you need them.

The list could go on forever; yoga, trying new sports, doing volunteer work, and more! It’s up to you on how you can improve your life and lessen the amount of stress it. These are all ideas but it’s up to you to make the moves to better your stress load.