Travel Bucket List

Traveling can be very intimidating, but writing down a bucket list isn’t hard. Allowing your mind to wander creates intention and brings both clarity and perspective into your life. Dreaming is easier than implementing action, but we can only dream so much.

Whether you’re wanderlusting for a safari in the Amazon or hike Mount Blanc at the height of its winter season, writing down a travel bucket list will help you to organize your travel intentions. Below are 5 places that’ll help you brainstorm on your next journey:

Embark on a wildlife safari in Zambia // Zambia is one of the most underrated travel destinations. Various points of interest is the South Luangwa National Park located in East Zambia’s Luangwa River Valley. Known for its abundant wildlife, the Luangwa is home to hundreds of numerous species.

Visit Mount Fuji, Japan // Located in Honshu, Japan, Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain. Apart of Japan’s “Three Holy Mountains”, Mount Fuji can be viewed from Tokyo and Yokohama on clear days. If you travel by Shinkansen train from Tokyo to Osaka, you can view the mountain from the Shin-Fuji train station.

Napa Valley Wine Country, California // If you love wine, Napa Valley is the destination for you. Known for it’s breathtaking countryside scenery and wine brewery, book a flight to visit the Napa Valley Wine Country for delicious food and wine and exhilarating views.

Go skiing in Interlaken, Switzerland // Love the cold or the idea of winter sports? Interlaken may probably your travel destination of choice. A traditional resort town known for it’s winter sports, Interlaken is located between Lake Thun and Laken Brienz, surrounded by mountains, condensed forests, and astounding scenery.

Gaze at the Lofoten Islands, Norway // Norway is one of those countries that’s just there. But it’s Lofoten Islands is breathtakingly known for it’s majestic landscapes, crisp air, and the fact that it’s located north of the Arctic Circle is even more riveting.

Whether you’re fascinated by the idea of hiking Machu Picchu or riding through the canals of Amsterdam and aren’t sure of how to get there, jotting down your travel lusts guide you to hopefully motivate you to check off each box on your travel bucket list.