Why Everyone Should Be Listening to Maggie Rogers


In a world filled with bland, mainstream pop music, indie artist Maggie Rogers is carving her own way. Only 24, Rogers burst onto the scene just over two years ago when a video of her performing an original song for Pharrell at an NYU master class went viral. That original song, “Alaska”, went on to hit top 20 on Billboard Hot Rock and Adult Alternative charts, and Rogers’ career has been on the upswing since then. With her debut album arriving January 18th, here are a few reasons to listen to her and get ready for Heard It In a Past Life.

Her Sound// Possibly the best part about Rogers’ music is her unique sound. Each song has a completely different beat behind it and perfectly blends electronic with pop and folk music. When I was younger, I attended the same summer camp Rogers went to and was a counselor at, and her song “Color Song” is actually a camp tune that we would sing at special events. At the beginning, she layers her voice amongst crickets chirping and creates an echo-y, earthy tone that draws me back to summer sunsets in Maine, and truly reminds the listener of nature’s beauty. Another great example of her unique abilities is “Fallingwater”, where she mixes drum beats with strong vocals throughout the entire song.

Meaningful Lyrics// Rogers is not only a talented vocalist, but also an amazing songwriter. There is certainly a reason why “Alaska” went viral (and it’s not just Pharrell Williams)- it’s beautifully written about Rogers’ experience of finding herself during a summer hiking trip in Alaska after a horrible breakup. Two big themes in her music are love and change, and her lyrics often describe these right to the point, such as in “Dog Years”, where she discusses the comfort of being in love.

All-star Approval// Although Rogers’ music speaks for itself, support from popular musicians has boosted her fanbase. Obviously, Pharrell’s reaction to “Alaska” was a career-defining moment, and plenty more celebrities have spoken their support since then. Lorde tweeted support for her music last year, and Mumford & Sons chose her to open for their tour this fall. As well as that, Camila Mendes of Riverdale was her college classmate and is a huge fan- even starring in the music video for her song “Give a Little”!

Girl Power// Rogers is all about female empowerment. At the beginning of October, she organized an all-female/non-binary performed music festival called All Things Go in Washington D.C., which she, Billie Eilish, and Carly Rae Jepsen headlined. Additionally, she encouraged attendees to protest Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation at the Supreme Court in the morning, then go to the festival in the afternoon- talk about activism.

Rogers is an extremely talented artist and is paving a way for female indie artists everywhere. Her EP Now That the Light is Fading is well worth a listen before Heard It In a Past Life comes out.