Winter Fashion Must Haves


As the trees turn bare and the snowflakes begin to fall, it is time for layering season. Every year during this time it is easy to lose your shape and look bulky. It is important to have staple items in your closet that have comfort and style in one. Below, there are some pieces that could be paired with your everyday outfit to create the perfect look, including jackets, patterned pants, and accessories such as scarves.  In this article you will learn about some of the key trends that you will want to follow during this chilly time.

Jackets/// The fleece, faux fur jacket is infamous this fall and winter season. This jacket puts a twist on last year’s TrueGrit fluffy sweatshirts, with more style. The jacket is a more sophisticated cardigan with immense warmth and comfort. Not only does it feel like an eternal hug, but it is very fashionable. These jackets are flawless to complete a simple outfit like, black jeans, an effortless graphic white tee, and boots or to keep it casual, sneakers.

Patterned pants/// Plaid is everything this season. What used to be the punk pattern, plaid, has become a trendy style frequently spotted these past few months. Plaid can come in many articles of clothing like skirts, pants, and dresses. Printed pants have come in style this season, very similar to the popular bold colored pants a few years back, the plaid pant adds personality to a simple outfit. This trendy piece is as comfortable as leggings and double the cuteness. Paired with a plain black mock neck sweater and DocMartin or Timberland boots as the shoe, this vintage look will have you never wanting to wear jeans again.

Accessories/// During the winter season accessories can be hard to use adequately because sometimes they are hidden behind the many layers of clothing. Bolder accessories can do the job when wearing staple pieces that do not have the “wow” factor that a big scarf or puff ball hat can serve. Not only does a hat allow for a bad hair day to turn better, it keeps you so cozy. Scarves are chic this season especially because plaid, which is a common pattern for a scarf, is so fashion-forward. Large scarves also can be seen wrapped like a kimono or cardigan allowing you to wear a socially acceptable blanket, who wouldn’t want this!  

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season, while feeling and looking your absolute best.