Spring Break Without Going Broke

     When tasked with the exciting albeit daunting goal of planning a group spring break trip, one can easily become overwhelmed with satisfying the different demands and desires of friends. Another primary task in planning a successful spring break is focusing on finances. With these tips and tricks, not only will your spring break trip be memorable but it will also be affordable.


1. Plan as early ahead as possible.

     Every group has a procrastinator, and the best thing to do is to keep that person as far away from the planning process as possible. Certain airlines have significant discounts for early bookings and special-day bookings, so closely follow these airlines for promotions! With so many different minds all working together, each person in the group can look around for unique deals and find something both affordable and accommodating.


2. Choose a location that caters to a wide variety of interests.

     Integrate each person’s interests into the planning process. Locations, such as the Dominican Republic and Mexico, provide excellent opportunities for both tropical excursions, such as beaches, and physical adventures, such as hikes and trails. Many people opt for an all-inclusive option, which provides food, drinks, flight, and hotel options altogether, while others choose an individualized method of payment on a day-by-day basis. Some would argue that a spring break trip to Europe would be incomplete without a hostel stay, while others opt for the more structured albeit more expensive route of hotels. Find a common denominator for everyone.


3. Prioritize certain aspects of the trip based on importance.

      When planning a trip like this, money is a definite factor that cannot be ignored. However, money can be saved in different ways. If a comfortable flight is a main priority for your group, place financial importance to it. If not, save some money to place toward your hotel/hostel stay. If spontaneous adventure is what your group craves, then save some extra money to account for trips to local markets and museums. Make sure that all voices are being heard and accommodated for while still accounting for finances.



     Nothing is more glorious than reaching your spring break financial goal, but nothing is certainly more dangerous to your wallet. Set aside extra money here and there a few months in advance before booking your flight and housing options. A fun, exciting way to save is by making a fully decorated box or jar and placing a specific amount of money in it daily. If you need to exchange currency, make a plan to do so immediately.


5. Pack accordingly.

     Many airlines have specific instructions about the cost of checked luggage. To save some extra money, split a suitcase with a friend. If your trip includes daily travel and different excursions, opt for a heavy-duty duffel bag instead of a suitcase. If your spring break location is tropical, opt for lighter, looser clothing and a few bottles of sunscreen! If your choice is more active and lush, bring some bug spray and comfortable clothing!


6. Make the most of your trip!

     Now that the stressful part has been completed, be sure to enjoy every aspect of your trip. If something is not exactly as you planned, turn a mishap into a spontaneous adventure. Once school is over, trips like these may become annual or may never happen again, so be sure to cherish the memories with good company.